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The winter resort sensation - Extra Joss. 

AfterJam are the only official UK distributor of Extra Joss.

Some people know this magical powder as an ideal energy drink when you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps. However, Extra Joss found it’s true calling when the infamous ‘Joss Shot’ came into fruition and people discovered that when combined in the mouth with a shot of vodka it would send you well on your way to having an incredible night (or apres). So if you're looking for a competitive advantage playing sport, an energy boost to stay up all night studying, or just want some party fuel - then this is the stuff for you.

One sachet of Joss will take you to another level, it boasts more energetic qualities than any other energy drink you could possibly compare it to. It contains; ginseng, taurine, caffeine, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, inositol, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, pantonthenic acid, and most impressively (and perhaps most importantly) it is packed full of Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly is a substance prized for it’s medicinal properties and it’s health benefits to humans, it happens to be called royal jelly because when the substance is supplied to bee larvae, the resulting bees develop into queen bees. Now tell us you don’t want some of this wizardry!

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